Dave Prestin for State Representative

Thank you for checking out our website! My name is Dave Prestin, and I am running as a Republican to represent the 108th District in Lansing. I will fight for the small businesses in our district and fight needless regulations that harm our communities. I have the experience necessary to go to Lansing and fight for the 108th. The stakes are too high not to elect the most experienced candidate who will start work on day one. I’m a proven businessman, frontline worker, elected official, first responder, and family man.


  • Owner/Operator—Cedar River Plaza 2007-2017
  • Commissioner—Menominee County Board of Commissioners, District 6
  • Board Member—Alger Delta Electrical Cooperative, District 4
  • Paramedic—Aurora Bay Area Medical Center
  • Volunteer Firefighter and Medical First Responder—Cedarville Township
Dave Prestin: A Candidate with Experience... 
and Ready on Day One!

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